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Ren Xingwen, vice-director and member of the Party Committee of Provincial Bureau of SASAC, conducts investigation on employee salary payment and letter petition work

      On December 19, the team led by Ren Xingwen, vice-director and member of the Party Committee of Provincial Bureau of SASAC, paid a visit to the Dalu-Meidixiting Project Department of Shengtong Company and investigated on the salary payment and letter petition work. Vice-general Manager of the Group, Xiong Qigao, escorted the team during the visit. 
      After investigation on the project site, the team led by Vice-director Ren Xingwen had a conference in the meeting room of the Project Department. On the meeting, Mr. Xiong Qigao and relevant directors delivered detailed reports on the letter petition work and salary management and payment.
      After hearing the reports out carefully, vice-director Ren Xingwen pointed out that current letter petition work and salary payment of the Group was generally controllable, however, special attention is also required, not only by the Provincial and Central governments, but by corporate development. He put forward three requests: 1) to select good projects with promising profits and benign environment that are also agreeable to corporate development strategy; 2) to strengthen management which means to carry out a series of central and provincial policies of letter petition work and farmer salary payment on one hand, and strengthen delicacy management and apply modern informational management method on the other; 3) to optimize operation, explore innovative management in procedures such as material purchasing and equipment rental, to perform smooth production and promote the quality of development. As for the work next, vice-director Ren Xingwen requested the company to put emphasis on production and manufacturing safety on one hand and to perform multiple supervision, monitor the salary payment and other unstable factors, conciliate conflicts and ensure harmony during New Year and Spring Festival on the other hand. 
      Mass Work Office of SASAC, Division for Letters and Calls, Party and Mass Work Office of headquarters of the Group, and relevant directors of Sichuan Road and Bridge took part in the investigation.