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Special Coverage of SASAC of the State Council and Sichuan SASAC Carbon Trading Platform of Sichuan United Environment Exchange Co., Ltd.Relevant News

From Jan. 5 to 9, 2018, the SASAC of the State Council and Sichuan SASAC respectively reported the relevant news of the carbon trading platform of Sichuan United Environment Exchange Co., Ltd. in a manner of special coverage.

Sichuan United Environment Exchange Co., Ltd. (“Sichuan Environment Exchange” for short) held by SRIG and jointly funded by key state-owned enterprises including Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co., Ltd., etc. proactively carries out the important instruction spirit of the Provincial Party Committee and Government to “develop Sichuan Environment Exchange into an important national environmental resource equity trading market”, constantly promotes infrastructure development of the carbon trading market in Sichuan, gives full play to the resource allocation led by the marketization, vigorously boosts development of the low-carbon and green economy of the energy and environment enterprises in Sichuan to fuel them to realize industrial structural transformation and upgrading, getting significant effects.

          Since the carbon trading market of Sichuan Environment Exchange was opened to the public from Dec. 16, 2016, it had completed 130 CCER transactions in total, with the turnover of about 2 million tons, ranked No. 5 in China on the comparable basis, which is more than the accumulated turnover of the markets in Tianjin and Chongqing since their operation. Meanwhile, Sichuan Environment Exchange deeply cooperates with Sichuan Environmental Protection Association, Shanghai Intellectual Property Service Center, etc. to establish a technological achievement trading platform of low-carbon environmental protection, so as to realize the information communication and project connection. In 2017, 26 technological achievements were traded in total, with good market responses. At present, Sichuan Environment Exchange has established a sole environmental resource trading platform integrating the carbon emission permit, energy consumption right, dumping right and water right, and becomes the first carbon trading agency in the non-trial regions and 8th carbon trading agency in China, attracting lots of attention and expectations from the international and domestic markets.