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SRIG holds the 2017 review meeting of the work of the leading group and its members of SRIG
      On the afternoon of February 6, 2018, SRIG held the 2017 review meeting of the work of the leading group and its members. The meeting was presided over by Sun Yun, chairman of the Party committee and chairman of the board. Leaders from the organization department of the provincial party committee, the discipline inspection team in provincial SASAC dispatched by the provincial discipline inspection commission, and relevant leaders of provincial SASAC were present and gave guidance.
      At the meeting, comrade Sun Yun made a comprehensive report on the construction of the group's leading group, Party construction, implementation of Party's incorruptible responsibility system, personnel selection and promotion as well as working performance. Required by the assessment work, relevant members of the leading group of SRIG made their personal statement. Attendees carried out democratic assessment of the leading group and its members, Party construction, implementation of the construction of honest administration and anti-corruption system, personnel selection and promotion, the work of newly promoted cadres, etc. 
      A total of 103 people attended the meeting including the members of the leading group of SRIG, the former leaders who retired less than two years ago, outside directors, members of board of supervisors, middle managers of the headquarter of SRIG, staff representatives and the principals of subordinate companies.